What I Offer

     Nutrition Consulting

      The services offered by a holistic nutritionist are grounded in the principle that each person is biochemically distinct and has unique nutritional needs.

My Approach

The human body is quite resilient. It can take a long time, sometimes years, until signs of a serious disease show. However, when something is not going in the right direction, the body sends early hints that we need to recognize and address.

Constant input of energy is needed to sustain the functions of multiple biological processes and organ systems. To produce this energy we need to fuel our bodies with quality foods and have a well-functioning digestive system.

Digestion is a complex process that is influenced by other systems or organs and in turn influences their function (i.e. immune system, brain). Most of the time, in case of an ailment, there are specific dietary changes that need to be made in order to re-establish balance.

A broad spectrum of issues and symptoms are linked to nutritional deficiencies, for instance:

  • Low energy
  • Fatigue
  • Depression 
  • Gas, bloating, acid reflux 
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Bad breath and body odour 
  • Allergies and food intolerances
  • Skin conditions
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Hormonal imbalance 
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Bone and joint pain


During Sessions

I look at the body as a whole and aim to identify the root cause of your health challenges. During the initial consultation, I do a thorough assessment of your health while discussing your stress level, emotional challenges, the environment you live in, lifestyle, and dietary habits.

Whether you are dealing with constipation, colitis, eczema, hypothyroid, or (peri)menopause, we discuss the importance of eating the right foods for you. I consider each person’s uniqueness in terms of both the body composition and nutritional needs to design an individualized nutrition and wellness plan that will be presented in the second session.

We work together to address your health issues and bring back balance into your life by focussing on including specific foods that are nutrient-dense, high antioxidant and free of chemicals, rather than eliminating foods.

At every step in the process, I guide you through the overwhelming health-related information and provide science-based education on how to use food for maintaining the state of balance in your body.

I hope to inspire you to find your ideal diet and empower you with all you need to know to stay healthy, be happy, and enjoy an infusion of energy.

Should you want to learn more about holistic nutrition or figure out if I can be of help in your health journey, I invite you to book a FREE 15 minutes Meet & Greet call.

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Roadmap to Achieve Your Health Goals


Step 1


15 minutes Meet & Greet Call

✔ Discuss your health concerns and expectations
✔ Find my approach to holistic nutrition
✔ Figure out if we are the right fit and can work together to optimize your health.

Fill out an Intake Questionnaire
Sign a Consent Form

✔ Once you book your consultation, the two documents will be emailed to you
✔ Please allow approximately 1-1.5 hours to complete
✔ Return at least 3 business days before your first session.

Step 2

Strategy Package

First Session
90 min

✔  Comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle assessment (discuss the questionnaire, review your health history)
✔  Identify areas of imbalance and set up goals

Second Session
60 min

✔  1-2 weeks following the first session

✔  Individualized Nutrition & Wellness Program
✔  Specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations
✔  Sample 3-day meal-plan and recipes
✔  Supplements protocol, if necessary

Step 3

Follow-up Sessions

60 minutes
30 minutes

✔  Monitor progress and address roadblocks
✔  Adjust and refine the initial program (depending on progress)
✔  Individual sessions or packages

Family Nutritional Consultations

Meal Plans
(weekly / monthly)

Grocery tours

(shopping lists, label reading)

Healthy Kitchen Makeup

(healthy foods and snacks)

Where and How

  • One-on-one
  • Small groups (2-5 people)
  • Virtually (remote video via secure telemedicine platform)
  • Phone calls
  • Home visits
  • In-person visits

Am I Covered?

Some health insurance plans offer coverage for nutrition counseling services. They will need my qualification (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) and registration number (CAHN-Pro/CSNNAA). Please check with your insurance provider to see if your benefits package covers my services as “Paramedical” or from a separate “Health/Personal Spending Account” or “Flex Plan”.

Should you need further details, please do not hesitate to email info@zoominnutrition.com or

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