Welcome! I am Mirela.

I love helping people! I feel at my best when I show you how to benefit from food to restore your health.

We all had our health challenges and I am no different from anyone else. I struggled with infertility and I wish I had known what I know now. 

More on my health journey:

I was always interested in natural ways to address disease, but my focus on the power of food to prevent and address disease started 20 years ago. Back then, I embarked on a journey to resolve my fertility issues. I have tried everything suggested by the allopathic and alternative medicine.

Upon lots of research, I would ask tens of questions to all practitioners I was working with, from medical doctors and assistants, to naturopaths, acupuncturists and energy workers.

I followed strict protocols and restrictive diets. I got my body inundated with hormones and went through invasive procedures. I felt like a witch when brewing for hours potions made of plants with complicated names.

I struggled a lot, felt disappointed that nothing seemed to work, but continued to hope and permanently searched for new avenues to explore. A decade later, I went through a major health crisis that shook me to the core. It took me years of frustration with not being able to answer questions permanently present in my mind: how did I get to this point, what’s the reason for everything and why nothing and no one can help?!

In all that confusion it was one thing I knew for sure: further adjusting my diet and lifestyle was paramount. Enhancing the quality of my food with a focus on cleaner and nourishing sources of energy for my body was the way to go. It was time to put in practice more of those fascinating things I kept reading about. But how to do it and what to start with?!

I wanted to find the root cause of my health problems and how to be healthier. I wanted to know more about how the human body functions. Building on my science background and strong desire to understand how various foods interact and impact our overall wellbeing, I decided to go back to school and study nutrition.

What a pleasure it was to write exams on topics that I anyway researched out of curiosity!

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Putting things into perspective

I have a Chemical Engineering Bachelor’s degree from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Being a Certified Reiki Practitioner for over 15 years has helped me understand how intrinsically connected we are with the universe and the energies around us, and led to my integrative approach to the complex equation that is our health.

As a director of the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals (CAHN-Pro), I strive to raise awareness on our profession and work towards expanding the insurance coverage for our services.

My entire career revolved around supporting people to find solutions to various problems. From teaching lab technicians new methods of chemical analysis to organizing corporate trainings and travel programs, I have always found fulfillment in exceeding the other’s expectations.

I also love food! And it all came together when I realized that I can serve people to a deeper level by sharing my lifelong experiences and passion in resolving health issues and prevent disease in natural ways.

My gifts to see the big picture and think outside the box, along with an excellent time/project management and relationship building, polished throughout my work at the York Institute for Health Research, are all excellently serving to find feasible health solutions for my clients.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ and using my engineering mind approach, I am on a mission to identify and address nutritional imbalances that prevent people from enjoying vibrant health.

My goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge needed to actively participate in their own care.

Mirela Cojoaca, B.Ch.Eng., R.H.N.

Holistic Nutritionist

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What IS Holistic Nutrition?

✔ A distinct combination of modern science and traditional, time-tested, wisdom used to address each individual’s nutritional requirements.

✔ Emphasizes the body-mind-spirit interrelationship.

✔ Recognizes that each person is biochemically unique and has specific needs.

Holistic Nutritionists approach the body as a whole, taking into account the general health, diet, lifestyle, emotional and spiritual aspects of their clients, in order to design individualized nutrition and wellness plans.

I Help You Build Healthy Habits & Realistic Routines

Let me show you how to:

‎   Take charge of your health

 →  Use food to your advantage

How do I know It’s Right for Me?

All the organs and systems in the human body are interconnected; they have to function in synchronicity for the body to thrive. When something is out of balance, it starts affecting the other parts.

Food, directly or indirectly, impacts a wide range of areas: from digestion, immunity and detoxification, to hormonal balance, cardiovascular system, and even skin or mental health.

What others are saying

Thank you for everything… you are genuine, helpful, flexible, and always look to get the big picture in order to implement sustainable strategies for nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Marie D.

I was impressed not only by Mirela’s knowledge and treatment quality, but also by her ability to connect with the client. Mirela was able to inspire my teenage daughter to implement new habits, and after only two months she noticed the first results. I highly recommend Zoom-in Nutrition!

Mihaela S.

Mirela helped me get my health in balance and change my diet. Her attention to my feedback, adjusting the plan to my pace and providing healthy alternatives to deal with cravings, really helped me achieve a state where most symptoms are milder or gone. I have more energy and enjoy feeling healthy again. I can’t recommend her enough!

Julian B.

Mirela is a genuine pleasure to work with. Mirela offers a great deal of support to her clients: she is focused, inquisitive, and prepared with ideas that will work. I followed Mirela’s recommendations, and she has taught me an incredible amount about food and vitamins.

As a holistic nutritionist, Mirela brings momentum and inspiration… It was pretty amazing when I noticed that I could breathe through my nose! All those years I have thought I had allergies and took allergy pills hoping to reduce the inflammation so I could breathe. Guess what? It was my diet. I can happily breathe through both nostrils and sleeping profoundly at night! Thanks a lot, Mirela!

Maria C.