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My mission:

identify and address nutritional imbalances that prevent people from enjoying vibrant health.

I feel at my best when I show you how to benefit from food to restore your health.


What is Holistic Nutrition? Is it Right for Me?

♦ A distinct combination of modern science and traditional, time-tested wisdom used to address each individual’s nutritional requirements.

♦ Emphasizes the body-mind-spirit interrelationship.

♦ Recognizes that each person is biochemically unique and has specific needs.

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My Approach

I look at the body as a whole and aim to identify the root cause of your health challenges. We go through a thorough assessment of all levels of your health and I design an individualized nutrition and wellness plan that includes clear and easy-to-follow steps.

Achieve your Health Goals

Finding your ideal diet and knowing what foods are the best for you will help you get rid of annoying symptoms.

You will feel in control of your own health and experience that vitality once again.

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How to Preserve Nutrients in Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Preserving food was traditionally done to extend access to vegetables and fruits outside their growing season when they were available in larger quantities than could be consumed before getting spoiled. It also prevents food waste and makes available a wide variety of...

With or Without the Fuzz, Peaches Pack Healthy Nutrients

Both peaches and nectarines are just as inviting to bite into their luscious sweet flesh without any calorie guilt. Nectarines are a variety of peaches with smooth skin because of a genetic modification that occurred naturally. They have a nutritional profile similar...

Stress Hormones: Friends or Enemies?

When busy defines you to the point that your health, sleep or relationships suffer, it is time to stop and reassess. Most of us are doing our best to check off as many items as possible from the perpetually unfinished to-do list. We all have concerns and life...

The Jungle Inside Your Gut

Imagine a jungle where all kinds of animals, birds, insects, plants, and microbes co-exist. They feed on each other, reproduce and die, maintaining an intrinsic balance where the survival of each of them is related to the other. Occasionally, the balance of life in...

Tomatoes – A Staple In Every Cuisine

Early fall is for me all about tomatoes. It is when the summer heat has fully accumulated in the plants allowing the large heirloom tomatoes to get ripe. I am a huge fan of those flavours that explode in your mouth when you take a bite of a fresh garden tomato!...

Understanding The Gut-Brain Connection

Have you ever panicked over a heartburn thinking it might be a heart attack? How about those stressful stomach cramps that almost ruined your birthday party? Have you ever got a flare of gastritis acting up after fighting with your spouse? Ever wondered why you...

To Eat Or Not To Eat? Your Hormones Talk

The feelings of hunger and satiety are regulated by specific hormones that send signals to your brain, which tells you to start or stop eating. All physiological functions in the body are, to a certain degree, affected by hormones. The endocrine system refers to the...

Spikes and Drops of Blood Sugar Cause Damages in the Body

"Eating too many sweets or permanently craving carbs? Both medical doctors and alternative healthcare practitioners came into the consensus that most of the health problems nowadays are derived from poor blood sugar management. Lifestyle and diet are the main...

Is it true that “All Disease Begins in the Gut”?

I am sure you heard at least 100 times that “All disease begins in the gut.” You might ask yourself if the 2,000+ years old quote from Hippocrates stood the test of time. Of course, if taken literally, it is a bit of a stretch to say that all disease in the body...

Refreshing Tzatziki Gazpacho Summer Soup

Let us celebrate summer with a simple, nutritious, and delicious dish that uses fresh seasonal ingredients that do not need any cooking at all. So, it's not only about eating healthier but also about having more time to enjoy with family and friends during scorching...

Refreshing Watermelon Basil Salad

When I first read about the basil-watermelon combination, it sparked my curiosity, so I had to try it immediately. Do you think I bothered to cut the basil leaves? I just tore a few and spread them over some watermelon. No surprise here: the aromas complemented so...

Zucchini & Kale Green Shakshuka

Shakshuka is quite a star. Memorable, posing on the red carpet, wearing posh accessories and vivid colours, spreading exotic aromas and a sense of vibrant health. How does this translate in the food world? It is just simple, humble poached eggs in tomato sauce. I...

Kabocha Squash Stuffed With Brown Rice

It all started at a local farm on a late October sunny day. They had such a variety of winter squashes that I felt compelled to try them all! A few hours later, I was leaving the farm with quite an assortment of colours and shapes. What I’m using in this recipe is a...

Zucchini Soufflé

Who doesn’t like the smell of freshly baked food?! As a kid, I always found ways to steal some bread or cookies despite my mom’s rules of letting them cool once out of the oven and the in vain explanation that they will taste better. Well, soufflés are the exemption,...

Blueberry Chocolate Green Smoothie

Fresh wild blueberries are in season, so it’s perfect timing to incorporate them in a tasty and packed with nutrition smoothie. The reason I like smoothies is that you can hide some mysterious ingredients that are not quite pleasurable to have on their own. However,...

Naturally-Sweet Red Bean Brownies

I came up with this recipe about six years ago when I invited a very dear friend to my birthday party. As he recently decided to turn vegan and I knew how much he likes sweets, I didn’t want him to feel left out when cake time comes. Since then, I kept playing with...

Baked Rainbow Trout and Asparagus With Tarragon Garlic Sauce

Dinner or lunch, fish accounts for a delicious, nutritious and fast to make meal. Any fish is available frozen, but I suggest buying it fresh whenever possible - you will notice the difference. Rainbow trout, sometimes called red band trout, looks very elegant with...

Dark Chocolate Pecan Clusters

For full disclosure, I admit I have a weakness for chocolate. My love for it determined me to find a way to eat it without the guilt of ingesting junk food. Since most of the chocolate on the market is unbearable sweet, I had to come up with a healthier version of the...

Answers to Your Questions


When you decide to work with any health professional, you should gather information on their credentials, discover if they practice what they preach and make sure your expectations match with what that professional can offer you. Finding the right fit means you will be heard and helped throughout your health journey, and more, you will be taught how to maintain those great results achieved. 

What is the best diet to adopt long-term?

For a limited time, it may be necessary to follow a specific diet until you resolve current health issues. Since everyone is biochemically unique and has particular health challenges, there is simply no diet that fits all.

Working with a specialist to adjust your diet and understand the science behind how food fuels and nourishes our body, enables you to stick to the changes needed to feel at your best.

Why is it so hard for me to lose weight?

There are multiple reasons for resisting weight loss. If you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly, but those extra kilos refuse to leave, then you may be dealing with a hormonal imbalance. Production of one or more hormones may not be optimal, i.e. have an underactive thyroid or insufficient gut hormones. Maybe adrenals are producing too much cortisol, or your sex hormones (estrogen, testosterone, etc.) are low or in excess.

Learning how to eat healthy and avoid nutritional deficiencies is paramount in your quest to look and feel amazing.

Is it normal to feel sleepy in the afternoon?

It is not fine to feel like taking a nap after lunch. When you learn what the right foods to fuel your body are and how to time your meals, you should benefit from quite a steady energy level throughout the day.

What’s wrong with restaurant food?

Nothing, if you are healthy, you know what kind of food is right for you, eat in moderation and choose a place that practices healthy cooking. However, most of the time, eating out means having too much salt and sugar, unhealthy fats or just consuming more calories than necessary.

Being aware of what healthy food means and how to cook it is not hard, especially when you have a couple of recipes tailored to what your body needs to thrive.

Do i need to prepare anything before first session?

Filling out an Intake Questionnaire and signing a Consent Form need to be completed in advance. Once you book your consultation, we will email you the two documents.

Please allow approximately 1-1.5 hours to complete and return at least three business days before your first session.

Having Trouble Finding a Balanced Diet?

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What my clients say

Mirela is a genuine pleasure to work with. Mirela offers a great deal of support to her clients: she is focused, inquisitive, and prepared with ideas that will work. I followed Mirela’s recommendations, and she has taught me an incredible amount about food and vitamins.

As a holistic nutritionist, Mirela brings momentum and inspiration… It was pretty amazing when I noticed that I could breathe through my nose! All those years I have thought I had allergies and took allergy pills hoping to reduce the inflammation so I could breathe. Guess what? It was my diet. I can happily breathe through both nostrils and sleeping profoundly at night! Thanks a lot, Mirela!

Maria C.

Mirela helped me get my health in balance and change my diet. Her attention to my feedback, adjusting the plan to my pace and providing healthy alternatives to deal with cravings, really helped me achieve a state where most symptoms are milder or gone.

I have more energy and enjoy feeling healthy again. I can’t recommend her enough!

Julian B.

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